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Luxury Home Magazine Takes its Content to a Whole Different Level with Pinterest

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Luxury Home Magazine is the leader in the market specific presentation of luxury homes and the luxury lifestyle. The magazine presents the highest quality homes, goods, and services throughout the country and connects with those of the rich and famous.  As a national brand, Luxury Home Magazine is consistently staying up-to-date with the latest technology and has one of the strongest digital platforms available for marketing luxury real estate, products, and services.  The most recent online platform is Luxury Home Magazine on Pinterest, which has gained the attention of thousands of followers and given Luxury Home Magazine an advantage in marketing the publication’s content.

Luxury Home Magazine on Pinterest provides luxury enthusiasts the utmost visual inspiration for their homes and lifestyles. With millions of people browsing through the social media hub each day, they’re looking for ideas that are best expressed with pictures such as home décor, organizing, baking or cooking, fashion, and much more. This gives Luxury Home Magazine a tremendous advantage in presenting their content.  By using the best photographers in America, Luxury Home Magazine’s Pinterest boards feature some of the most beautiful photography of luxury living. This catches the eye of thousands of users and fans. Some of the boards included on Luxury Home Magazine’s Pinterest page are luxury homes in different cities such as “Lake Tahoe Luxury Homes” or “Dallas Luxury Homes”. There are also numerous luxury interior design boards, gadgets and technology, luxury appliances, locations, resources, and more. In other words, to find anything luxury related, just find Luxury Home Magazine on Pinterest.

To view luxury homes, products, and services visit Luxury Home Magazine’s Pinterest Page

To learn more about Luxury Home Magazine’s digital platforms visit or and are divisions of Sunshine Publications, Inc.  Luxury Home Magazine is the leader in market specific publications showcasing luxury homes, estates and luxury lifestyles in a “coffee table magazine” format featuring beautiful photography of exceptional homes with easy-to-read layouts distributed locally, nationally and internationally through the vertical platforms of print, targeted direct mail and online digital media.  For more information, please visit and/or e-mail

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